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Revelation Home Inspections

Revealing Truth – Creating Confidence

We are Arizona Professional licensed home inspectors providing you with the information you need based on our complete evaluation of a home. With over 15 years of experience, we provide our clients with the facts to make knowledgeable decisions.  We work solely for our clients.  Professional realtors appreciate our service.


Why Choose US

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Our inspections and reports are detailed and easy to read. If you are not satisfied with our service we will make it right or it is free.

Experienced Professionals

There is no substitute for experience and training.  Our licensed inspectors have over 15 years of inspection experience. We inspect every home as if we are buying it.

Free Consultation

Our service does not end with the report.  If you have questions we are  here to help. We will give you the information you need to make the decision based on your values.



I want my clients to know the truth about what they are buying.  I refer Rick to all of them.  In fact, I will not buy any home myself without having him inspect it.

Ken B.


Impressed Clients

“Wow!  This is a very detailed report.  Much more that we expected .”
Dr. Boyd T.

“I received a very detailed easy to read list of issues that saved me time and money. It included photos and very fast reliable service. These guys are the best at what they do. You can’t afford not to use them.”
Joe C.



Builder Completely Replaced Bath


“My builder installed a free upgraded Corian bathroom resulting from our home warranty inspection. Revelation Inspections assisted us in holding the builder accountable for poor workmanship. Our beautiful new bathroom would have cost much more than the inspection fee. The builder even paid for the additional inspections until I was satisfied.”
Jennifer W.


Dangerous Issues In New Home

Our Inspector found several very serious defects including a carbon monoxide leak and spa tub electrical issues in our new home. He provided excellent follow-up service and as a result, the builder paid for six months of our mortgage payments. The fee of our inspection was the best return on any investment I ever made. We would have never known of serious safety issues without our inspection.”
Justin T.

The Difference

Most Buyers Spend 20 Minutes Observing a Home
Our Inspectors Take 3-6 Hours To Complete an Inspection

Revelation Home Inspections began over 15 years ago by an experienced investigator and instructor familiar with construction.  Rick is an active FAA certified flight instructor, military veteran, and Arizona law enforcement veteran. His attention to detail combines with effective communication as an instructor to make a highly desired inspector in demand by both clients and real estate professionals.  This is not just another home inspection.  The facts are organized in a simple concise manner to allow you to make the right decision based on your values.  Revealing Truth – Creating Confidence.

We perform a complete inspection of the home to evaluate each major system including checking over 400 items. It normally takes 2-4 hours to complete the inspection and 2 hours to complete the report.  The inspection is normally performed within days of signing a purchase contract.


It is wise to have your newly built home professionally inspected by an independent licensed home inspector prior to the end of the builder’s warranty period.  Most builders provide for a one year warranty.  The State of Arizona has more requirements on a builder that extend that period over construction defects.  Don’t lose your rights to have the builder correct your problems.  You may be surprised what we find, often times the items surprise us.


Surprises are the last thing you want when you sell your home.  Finding issues before you are under the time pressures of a sale allow you options.  It is the same inspeciton we would do if you were buying the home with the exception that you are our client not the buyer.




Home sq/ft

1000 or Less    $275

1001 – 1500    $290

1501 – 2000    $310

2001 – 2500    $330

2501 – 3000    $360

3001 – 3500    $390

3501 – 4000     $420

Above 4001     $ .11 sq/ft

Additional Fees

Over 30 yrs.    $50

Pool or Spa      $50

Pool and Spa     $75

Termite Inspection  $49

* Termite Inspection by
an AZ Licensed
Termite Control Company




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